Great Transformation


Great Transformation
Image: Sarah Cords

Recent changes

Please mind all recent changes [pdf, 8 kb] de to our conference programme.

(Status: 23 September 2019)

Cancelled: Jason W. Moore

Unfortunately, Jason W. Moore's keynote address for Tuesday 6 p.m. will not take place due to illness.

(Status: 23 September 2019)

Cancelled: Evgeny Morozov

Unfortunately, Evgeny Morozov had to cancel his keynote address for next Thursday morning.

There will be a panel discussion in lecture hall 1 (Hörsaal 1) on the topic After the Arab Spring: Young People in North Africa and the Middle East instead. More info

(Status: 18 September 2019)

Local support

We have gathered important information for you – including registration opening hours, a map of all venues and much more. Click here.

(Status: 11 September 2019)

New keynote speaker: Nick Srnicek

It is short notice but unfortunately Massimo De Angelis (London, GB) had to cancel his participation in the conference due to illness. We are happy to announce that we will welcome Nick Srnicek from the King's College in London as a new keynote speaker for the Wednesday morning lecture. His lecture is entitled 'The Political Economy of Artificial Intelligence'. More info

(Status: 11 September 2019)


We are pleased to present you a concert of Kaspar von Grünigen's BOTTOM ORCHESTRA with their set 'songs of work' following the opening event of the conference on Monday, 23 September 2019. The concert will begin at around 9.00 p.m. during the standing reception.

(Status: 11 September 2019)

Early registration closed

Registration for the conference is closed. Weekly and day tickets are now only available on site. Please note that there are no day tickets available for the opening day.

(Status: 3 September 2019)

New room contingents

Hotels Hotels Image:

New room contingents for the conference week are available in various hotels in Jena. You can find out about prices or book rooms directly from the following page:

(Status: 12 June 2019)

Deadline extension for early-bird discount!

The registration period for the early-bird tariff will be extended by two weeks until 16 June 2019. Click here to register.

(Status: 3 June 2019)

Calls for papers ended

All deadlines for submission of papers have officially ended. We are happy about all submissions and look forward to the upcoming forum events!

(Status: 5 May 2019)

Preliminary programme

We are pleased to present the preliminary programme of the conference. The complete preliminary programme is available for download here [pdf, 933 kb] de (in German). All events in English language will be presented on the Programme sections of this website.

(Status: 15 April 2019)


Conference registration is open. You will find all relevant information on the registration procedure as well as ticket prices on this page.

(Status: 15 April 2019)


In Jena you can find a number of smaller and bigger hotels, guesthouses and holiday flats. However, as we expect a large number of conference participants, we recommend that you take care of your accommodation as early as possible. You will find more information about accommodation in Jena and available room contingents on this page.

(Status: 18 March 2019)

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